For once I'm linking to something about me.

I finally got around to completely re-doing the cooling system on my computer so that it's totally silent. It's rather ... obsessive, but I like it.

(I'm posting as "5.4Mustang" because Wirehead was already taken there)

DataBind() says:

I'm impressed.

Wirehead says:


Trivia fact: I taught myself to solder pipe specifically to cool my computer.

Of course, now that I've got the primary all quieted down, the noise of my laptop is bothering me. And the refrigerator.

Plus I think I need to get some soundproof glass for the front window...

DataBind() says:

As a musician, I can assure that you soundproofing *anything* is not an easy task.

rnewhouse says:

I find that when I'm working late at night, the sound of the cats breathing is quite distracting.

Wirehead says:

I'm more concerned with my cats suddenly deciding that my headphone cord is some sort of intruder at 2AM while I'm in the middle of a tense game of DC and pouncing on it, thus yanking the heavy earcups right off my head and terrifying me.

peterman says:

I had my cat silenced. Or rather, I outsourced the task. They did a pretty good job. No moving parts!

I finally looked at the pics of your cooling mod. Sick. I like the torch marks on the baseboard. It's details like this that demonstrate total commitment.

Now on to the refrigerator. Funny how you never see people post about modding their refrigerator to make it run silently.

I am always annoyed by the inefficiency of fueling my furnace to heat the house, and simultaneously applying power to cool the refrigerator. And both processes increasing entropy. Especially here in Minnesota where half the year the fridge is warmer than the garage. At least it seems like it.

If only it were easier to run a cooling loop for the fridge to the outside.

lyrical warfare says:

OBSCENE. The most obscene my cooling gets is leaving the case open.

You're turning your computer into a car!

Wirehead says:

Eventually I hope to be able to drive it to work.

Speaking of opening and closing cases, I was recently able to close mine for the first time in about two years. Since the resorvoir isn't actually INSIDE the case anymore, there's room to put the side panel on. Now you can't really tell there's anything unusual going on.

I guess now you have to call it a "sleeper".

I'll probably have to add a window and a lighting kit or something now, just because I feel really strange about not being able to glance inside and make sure everything's normal without having to get out a screwdriver.

On a related subject, anyone know of a decent non-annoying hosting service that I can use to host a bunch of photos? Alternatively, is there an easy way to set up my computer to also function as a web server that I can host things on? My desktop is on 24/7 as a Folding@Home box so there's no reason I shouldn't be able to use it to host files and such as well.

dcormier says:

What OS, Wirehead? If you're using Win2k/XP, you have a web server on there already. IIS. It'll do what you want it to do. I have it running on my home desktop and stream MP3's/Ogg's to my computer at the office. Works great.

Very cool mod, btw. =]

dcormier says:

I would like to correct myself. I you can easilly put a web server on there, if you don't already have it. Control Pannel -> Add/Remove Programs and add the World Wide Web IIS service (a Windows component).

DataBind() says:

it's limited in connections, though...

Wirehead says:

Well, would it work for, say, posting the occasional image to link to from here or other forums? That's about all I really need - just a publically accessible folder on my hard drive. I don't need to host a site, or handle a large number of simultaneous connections or anything. I wouldn't think I'd ever have more than two, maybe three people looking at stuff on my computer at one time.

Dylan says:

Did you get the invite I sent you to It's a great place to do exactly what you are doing.

Wirehead says:

Yeah, I got the invite. I actually have a flickr account already - but I'm looking for something that's a little less of a pain in the ass. If I want to link someone to a pic, or a file, or whatever, I'd like to be able to just have them click on the link and have whatever it is show up or start transferring. To view things on flickr you have to make an account and then deal with their amazingly retarded UI. Flickr is good for its intended purpose - sharing a bunch of photos with a group of friends - but not workable for what I want to do (basic image/file hosting so I can link to things from a forum, or easily transfer a file to a friend).

Wirehead says:

Mostly just messing about with my new user homepage.

Also I neeeded an excuse to post some more pics of my various watercooling setups over the last year or so.

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