This guy wins, and he isn't even allowed to compete.

A guy with no legs, using prosthetics, has been disqualified from the Olympics because hes too fast. That's The Olympics, not the Special Olympics.

Where can I get a set?

lidge_34 says:

I can understand the ruling, even if it might sound ridiculous at first glance. Obviously the guy is a great athlete, because we haven't heard of other similar cases. But it does seem like there is some advantage to the prosthetic legs.

I think a relatively good parallel is the whole steroid controversy. The common argument is that steroids = home runs therefore, steroids = bad. But then Barry Bonds was a great baseball player and hitting plenty of home runs before he (allegedly) took steroids. So steroids don't make someone good at a sport, fast, etc. But they help make one stronger or faster, which gives a slight edge to their existing abilities, thus they are illegal. Same with this runner and his prosthetics. They artificially give him just a slight edge, which other runners can't take advantage of.

Wirehead says:

Heh, I wasn't complaining.

I'm hoping in a couple of years, they just open up an "unlimited" league or something.

Maybe a steroid division and a cybernetic division...

With the gold medal awarded via cage match at the end...

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