The Wall

Woo hoo!
On broadway!
Either genius or too much free time. Or both.
How do porcupines mate?
Anyone seen a followup?
One of the better flash items I've seen
Pwned by biometrics.
Why would anyone drink that much Coors Light?
Watch a passenger in a Blue Angels demo flight.
HP puts a .308 through a server...on purpose.
Best juggling I've ever seen. Sound ON!
I love people like this.
Thanks to Engadget
The classic board game. Got six hours?
Kurt Wenner is my favorite. That Beever guy is pretty good though.
Always check Snopes or Google
Me and you, buddy...
Best car accessory EVAR!!1!
Foamy the Squirrel's commentary on New Orleans.
When you want to start your own country, think ebay!
Saw a guy on the bus playing Doom on his Nokia phone...
"major pucker-factor"
The War on Terror as seen from the Bourne shell
This absolutely rules.
Interplanetary racing in LA
Check out the water balloon! Thanks to BoingBoing.
Looks like it's for real this time
What are the chances?